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This is an experimental site I’ve set up to support my efforts to become a Certified Digital Marketer. I already have a broad base of experience in Privacy, IT Security, Legal and Compliance. I’ve supported consumer contact for several years (email, telemarketing, collections) and am now increasing my technical acumen so I can better consult on online advertising projects.

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This site is populated with personal research I’ve performed to make sure I have a current understanding of what is happening in the world of advertising and consumer contact. Any content here is my opinion only, and should not be attributed to or considered shared or endorsed by any person with whom or any organization with which I may be affiliated.


This site is provided for entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this site should be construed as legal advice.  I’m not a lawyer, but am an autodidact who has developed an interest in reading case law and enforcement actions. Again, I’m simply expressing a point of view; one that is colored by my personal and professional experiences. These experiences may or may not be relevant to you, but I hope you find the content entertaining nonetheless.

WordPress (where this site is hosted) does provide mechanisms for others to add comments. To the extent other parties add their views or comments, those contributors are solely responsible for their own material.


Since the purpose of this site is learning about digital marketing, there will be cookies. These cookies are all managed by third parties, and use is governed by the privacy policies of those third parties. You can block cookies in your browser, you can use browser extensions to inspect those cookies*, or look at the training yourself to see what my projects entail.

I’ll do my best to list the third parties that may be dropping cookies on these pages, as identified in my training projects:

I personally am not collecting anything. If you ask me to contact you I’m glad to do so. I’ll only use what you share in a personal capacity, and only to stay in contact with you.

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Here are a few tools I like, in no particular order:

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