Welcome to my Video Series!

These are admittedly low-tech, but high in content value (I hope). Please like and share my videos to help me get certified. Enjoy!


Programmatic Mini-Tutorial

My personal favorite. A short video that describes the journey an ad must take to be displayed on an end-user’s machine.


Know Your SDK

Do You Know What Your Apps Are Doing? A short video about why you should take a technical interest in your mobile app.


The Serial Comma

A video that’s a Drama and Comma-dy. A short video about why you should buck convention and use commas to make sure your writing is clear.


The Inscrutable English Language

A short video about the bizarre words that make learning and speaking english a real pain.


Privacy & Security Primer

The first pancake (how I learned to make a video using powerpoint). A short video about the difference between privacy and security.


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