February 2017

You Can’t Spell Idiot Without IoT

The Bundesnetzagentur has ordered connected toy ‘My Friend Cayla’ be pulled from the market due to privacy and security concerns.

There is a particular danger in toys being used as surveillance devices: Anything the child says or other people’s conversations can be recorded and transmitted without the parents’ knowledge. A company could also use the toy to advertise directly to the child or the parents. Moreover, if the manufacturer has not adequately protected the wireless connection (such as Bluetooth), the toy can be used by anyone in the vicinity to listen in on conversations undetected.”

The Bundesnetzagentur plans to investigate similar connected toys. No action is planned against parents.;jsessionid=59C180A048F92ABCD7A10D295F9835F7?__blob=publicationFile&v=2
jbho: wenn Sie kein Deutsch können, here is an English summary, along with the BBC video that shows reporters interacting with a hacked doll that seems to have kicked off this whole craze.


More interesting developments in Deutschland:

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