Thank You!

Thank you for all your support!

It’s been several months of lost weekends – 12 Saturdays and Sundays of classroom time, along with another 8 Saturdays and Sundays of creating website content, creating videos, drafting and executing Facebook and AdWords campaigns, as well as tracking progress through four different analytics programs (Google analytics, Facebook Insights, YouTube analytics, and Twitter analytics). But after five long months (and nearly a couple grand out of my own pocket), I’m wrapping up my campaigns and preparing a final report to submit for completion of my Digital Marketing Certified Associate training.

During the campaign period, I added content to my website on a regular basis:
• 59 case / enforcement summaries added
• 6 feature blog posts created

I promoted content daily via social media
• 33 Facebook posts
• 42 tweets

Tentative final stats on my projects:

My Stay Rate* was 25.23% (people who visited more than one page per session), with an average visitor duration of 2:59


* ok, typically this would be reported as a Bounce Rate. But since this is a marketing certification I’m working on, are you really surprised I’m spinning this in my favor?


Organic search was surprisingly my best referrer accounting for 34% of my traffic (Combined AdWords campaigns drove a total 34% of traffic as well, but conversions were lower for that traffic)



Social provided a nice ego boost as I was able to rack up a fair amount of likes



Thank you again for all your support! Have a great summer!


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