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Transfers To Service Providers Now A “Disclosure,” Consent Required

Transfers To Service Providers No Longer A "Use"

No Harm, Foul

Unanimous decision that a technical violation 'aggrieves' under BIPA

Excel Is Not A Component Of An ATDS

Contrary opinions on dialing from a list continue to arise, circuit splits deepen

First Action Under CASL Malware Provisions

CRTC Fines Digital Advertising Providers $250,000 For Malvertising

Definitions Of ATDS and Called Party Reopened for Consideration; Revocation Rules Stand

A long way from final answers, but hints as to how the Commission and case law could/should proceed.

BIPA Violations Automatically A Concrete Harm In The 9th Circuit (Updated)

"A violation of the BIPA notice and consent procedures ... is quintessentially an intangible harm that constitutes a concrete injury in fact."

Errant Email Defeats Motion To Dismiss DPPA Claims

Mere possibility of incorrect response does not render DPPA claims implausible

The Influence of Spokeo on State Level Cases: Barnes v. Arytza and Rosenbach v. Six Flags

Removal to federal court doesn't kill standing, but court wants to see actual harm

VPPA Harms Concrete, But Roku ID Not Personally Identifiable

Roku device serial number is not personally identifiable, but it's not difficult to imagine other identifiers that may be

Long-Winded Opt-Out Requests Don’t Revoke Consent

The only reasonable expectation Plaintiff could have had is that her request for revocation would not be successful