One Million Dollars Per Hour For Alleged Energy Drink Misrepresentations

$4.3 Million Judgement For Alleged False Advertising

Reminder: Time Running Out On TCPA Consent Petition

New Petition Seeks To Make All TCPA Consents ‘Written’

Attack of the Clones

Retailers Hit With Carbon Copy Class Actions

How To Obfuscate An SMS Opt-Out

Beware Of Unconventional Opt-Outs

How Can I Harass You If You Won’t Answer The Phone?

18 Calls In 13 Days Not Harassment

So Let It Be Written… (Updated)

New Petition Seeks To Make All TCPA Consents 'Written'

Cross Device Rules Now In Effect

DAA warns XDID enforcement now open

Court Again Sides With Ad Blockers Over Publishers

No inherent obligation on internet users to receive ads

Still Can’t Say Beer Is Healthy

Flüssiges Brot?

Beware The Allure Of A Federal Forum

Spokeo doesn't make cases go away, it just keeps them out of federal court.

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