$15,000 Penalty In 9th CASL Enforcement

58 Emails Result In 10 CASL Violations

A home based business was fined $15,000 for sending emails advertising a design, printing, and distribution service for commercial flyers, without consent, that:
• failed to identify the sender
• did not include contact information
• did not include a functioning unsubscribe mechanism
The CRTC launched an investigation based on complaints received at its spam reporting centre (58 complaints from 50 individuals).
jbho: surprising that a relatively small number of complaints would drive an investigation.

Also of interest is that the CRTC appears to have counted violations based on email ‘batches.’ That is it cited 3 email blasts for a total of 10 violations:
The $15,000 was reached by assessing $1,500 per violation. The commission cited lack of cooperation as a contributing factor in the fine amount.

Unfortunately, still doesn’t provide much clarity around how violations will be tallied once the private right of action is in force.

By my count, this is now the 9th CASL enforcement action. Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

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